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Calendly vs Pick.co

Calendly vs Pick.co: Which Is The Most Suitable?

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Choosing the right scheduling tool can make or break your productivity. Among numerous options on the market, two names often stand out – Calendly vs Pick.co. This detailed comparison of these heavy hitters will guide you in choosing the best fit for your personal or business needs.

Calendly home page web site

What Is Calendly?

Calendly is an efficient online appointment-scheduling software that eliminates the hassle of back-and-forth emails when setting up meetings. It’s remarkably user-friendly with features that enable users to set their availability preferences, create multiple event types, sync with various calendars including Google Calendar (learn how to synchronize your Calendly and Google Calendar), and send automated email confirmations.

Calendly also offers a handy widget for website integration allowing businesses to manage appointments directly from their sites (Click here to learn about the Calendly widget). If you need help learning how to use Calendly, we have made a comprehensive guide here.

For freelancers looking to enhance their scheduling process, Calendly provides tailored functionalities suitable for various freelance operations. Learn more about using Calendly as a Freelancer

Calendly vs Pick.co: Pick.co  home page

What Is Pick.co?

Pick.co is another distinguished name in the world of digital appointment scheduling solutions. Offering similar functionality to Calendly, Pick.co simplifies meeting organization while adding perks like buffer times between events and integrations with other popular apps such as Zoom.

With its core goal of enhancing communication efficiency, Pick.co brings less confusion and more convenience into the scheduling mix by directly integrating with your preferred email client.

Unique Features

While both Calendly and Pick.co aim to simplify your scheduling needs, they offer unique features that set them apart from their competitors. Let’s delve into these differences.


  • Event Types: Calendly allows you to set up different types of events, ranging from one-on-one meetings to group events. This flexibility makes it an excellent tool for diverse needs.
  • Timezone Intelligence: It automatically detects the timezone of your invitee, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Buffer Time: You can set buffer times between meetings to prevent any overlaps.

Calendly vs Pick.co: Calendly home page


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistance: Pick.co uses AI to suggest the best times for meetings based on your availability and preferences.
  • Instant Bookings: Invitees can book meetings instantly, eliminating the need for approval.
  • Smart Invites: Send personalized invites with the option to include video call links and locations.

How Pick.co works


A thorough analysis of the pricing models offered by Calendly and Pick.co reveals important differences.

Calendly Pricing

Calendly offers a free plan with basic features, but for more comprehensive services, it provides two paid plans:

  • Pro: Priced at $12/user/month, offering advanced features like payment integration, SMS notifications, and unlimited event types.
  • Premium: Costs $8/user/month, includes features like group events, customizable notifications, and integrations with various apps.
  • Teams: Cost $16/user/month, providing shared event types, pooled availability options, and collective billing features among others.

Pick.co Pricing

Pick.co doesn’t offer a free tier but has a straightforward pricing model:

  • Standard: Costs $9/user/month, and includes unlimited meetings, instant bookings, and AI assistance.

Comparing Calendly vs. Pick.co

Here’s a comprehensive comparison table summarizing the primary differences between Calendly and Pick.co.

Features Calendly Pick.co
Pricing Starts at $0, paid versions at $8, $12, $16 $9
Free Plan Yes No
AI Assistance No Yes
Timezone Detection Yes Yes
Buffer Time Yes No
Customizable Invitations Yes Yes
Group Scheduling Yes (paid plan) No
Instant Booking No Yes
Integrations Numerous (paid plans) Limited

While both platforms offer an array of features, the choice between Calendly and Pick.co depends on your specific needs. If you require advanced integrations, diverse event types, or a free tier, Calendly might be your best bet. If you prefer AI assistance, instant bookings, and a simple pricing model, Pick.co could be the right choice.

Calendly vs Pick.co: What Users Are Saying

Nothing speaks better about a product than the experiences of the people who use them. From various sources, we’ve gleaned the following insights:


Users appreciate the flexibility of Calendly and its ability to handle various event types. However, some users find that the platform could offer more integrations in its free tier.


Many users applaud the AI assistance in Pick.co, and the instant booking feature is another favorite. However, the absence of a free tier has been a sticking point for some users.

Calendly vs Pick.co: The Final Thoughts

So, Calendly vs Pick.co? In the end, both Calendly and Pick.co are powerful scheduling tools with unique strengths. Your choice will ultimately depend on your specific requirements, budget, and preferences. If you value flexibility and diverse event types, Calendly would be your go-to option. However, if you appreciate AI assistance and instant bookings, Pick.co might suit your needs better.

Remember, both platforms offer trials, so feel free to test them out before making your final decision. It’s all about finding what works best for your scheduling needs, making your workflow smoother, and your day more productive.

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