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Calendly vs Setmote blog post

Which scheduling tool is better: Calendly vs Setmore?

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient and seamless scheduling is more critical than ever before. Two tools that have made quite a name for themselves in this domain are Calendly and Setmore. So, let’s see – Calendly vs Setmore.

Nevertheless, choosing between these two giants can be a head-scratcher. Thus, the purpose of this article is to dig deep into each platform, highlight its unique features, functionalities, pros, and cons, and finally draw a conclusion.

Let’s get started!

Online meeting scheduling: Calendly vs Setmore

Exploring Calendly

Calendly, recognized as one of the leading scheduling tools around the globe, offers an intuitive user interface coupled with robust integrations. It streamlines your appointment scheduling, helping you and your team focus on what truly matters.

Key Features of Calendly

  1. Syncs seamlessly with Google Calendar
  2. Offers a Calendly Widget
  3. Suitable for freelancers

Read our guide on how to use Calendly or dive deep into some comparison articles like Calendly vs Doodle, Calendly Vs Acuity, Calendly Vs YouCanBook.me, and Calendly Vs Appointlet for a better understanding.

Calendly share availability

Getting Familiar With Setmore

On the other side of the coin is Setmore, another prominent player in the world of online scheduling apps. Apart from standard scheduling options, it provides highly cutting-edge customer outreach possibilities.

Distinctive Features Of Setmore

  1. Highly customized alerts
  2. Scaling usage capability
  3. Integrated payments feature

Having gotten a general overview of both platforms, let’s delve deeper into the comparative analysis.

Setomore scheduling app

Calendly vs Setmore: A Comparative Analysis

Integration Support

You want your scheduling tool to work well with your existing software ecosystem. When it comes to integration support, Calendly takes the win by offering various third-party application integrations, including easy sync with Google Calendar.

While Setmore also supports plenty of integration, when comparing Calendly alternatives – such as Doodle, Oncehub, Acuity Scheduling, YouCanBook.me, Appointlet, and others, Calendly has the most powerful integrations.


Both Calendly and Setmore offer free versions. However, for professional use and more extensive functionality, you need premium plans. Check out the official websites for Calendly and Setmore for detailed pricing packages.

Customization Options

Setmore steals the show here. It facilitates higher customization levels allowing businesses to create personalized schedules fitting their unique requirements, making the process interactive and engaging.

In Conclusion: Calendly vs Setmore?

So based on the comparisons above, which performs better, Calendly vs Setmore? Well, it entirely depends on your unique needs. If top-tier integration support is what you seek, Calendly may be the ideal choice. However, if a sleek customizable user interface is your primary concern, look no further than Setmore. Deciding will also require taking into consideration factors such as team size, budget, specific industry, and organizational workflow.

To explore other scheduling app options check out these comprehensive reviews: Engageware, SimplyBook.Me, SuperSaaS, pick.co, Harmonizely, Clara, Cogsworth, Bookafy, etc.

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