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Add Callendo to your Microsoft Edge

Although the Callendo extension is primarily created for the Google Chrome browser, it can also be employed in Microsoft Edge. Here are the steps to integrate the Callendo extension with your Microsoft Edge browser:

  1. Navigate to any Callendo page, and choose Integrations from the top menu.
    Add integrations in Callendo
  2. Find and click on ‘Callendo for Chrome’ or click here.
    Download Callendo for chrome
  3. To permit the installation of Chrome extensions on Edge, click on ‘Allow extensions from other stores‘ displayed in the banner at the page’s top. Then, hit ‘Allow‘ to confirm.

    Allow extensions from other stores
  4. In the ensuing pop-up, review the permissions of the extension and click ‘Add Extension’.
  5. (Optional) If you wish to synchronize your extensions across all your devices and haven’t done so yet, select ‘Turn on sync’ in the pop-up and log in using your Microsoft credentials.
  6. Upon completion, a pop-up message will show up to verify the successful addition of the extension.


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