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Get up to 85% more meetings booked with video on your scheduling page!

Callendo offers a distinctive solution in the market, allowing you to personalize your scheduling page with your own video content. It's a fact that video engages more effectively. Whether you upload your own footage, record new content, or add videos from YouTube or Vimeo, enhancing your booking page has never been simpler.

schedule meeting with video

Or add YouTube, Vimeo & Video on your booking page!

Embed youtube or vimeo on your scheduling page

Customize exactly how and when you're booked.

Effortlessly maintain control over your schedule with our detailed availability tools, scheduling regulations, buffers, and more. These features empower you to precisely customize your booking preferences and timings.

Enable the time when you are available to have your meetings
Selector of available times to enable on your scheduling page

Vote together when to have a meeting

Distribute a link to individuals with whom you'd like to arrange a meeting. Allow each participant to cast a vote for the most convenient meeting time. The results will be visible on your admin board, enabling you to schedule the meeting based on the majority preference.

Vote together when to have a meeting scheduled on Callendo
Callendo your own booking scheduling page

Available in your language

Callendo comes available with over more than 24 languages and more are being added every day!

Callendo available in 24 languages

QR Codes for every event

For every event you create on Callendo, a QR code will be generated. You can then save it and put it anywhere. From billboards, events, visit cards, you name it and let your clients scan the QR code and come to your scheduling page! Simply amazing!

Embed your booking page, everywhere

Would you like to schedule a meeting with a person and you would like to decide when to have the meeting. Simply click

Let people vote when to have a meeting in a callendo

Stay connected across all apps and devices, maintaining synchronization seamlessly.

Use Callendo everywhere, from desktop or mobile. Add Callendo extension to your favorite browser.

Callendo for Chrome

Callendo for Chrome

Callendos's Chrome extension simplifies the process of scheduling.

Callendo for Firefox

Callendo firefox extension

Facilitating scheduling is a breeze with Callendos's Firefox extension.

Callendo for Edge

Callendo edge extension

Get access to all your schedulings & meetings instantly in Edge.

Send proposals when to have meetings

For one-off meetings, the process is swift and simple. Simply view your entire calendar, select your available slots for meetings, and with a click, your meeting times are set. All you need to do next is to send the generated Callendo link containing your timeslots via email.

Schedule meetings on your availablility
Callendo is for any business made. From sales, marketing, education and many more

Made for any business

Callendo is a versatile tool, ready to facilitate growth in any industry. Its unique features are designed to propel your business forward. Regardless of whether you work in Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, or any other field, one thing is certain - Callendo's exceptional adaptability will contribute significantly to your business expansion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I embed Callendo on my own site!

You can effortlessly add Callendo to your website by embedding a single line of code. You have the flexibility to choose between an inline embed, pop-up widget, or pop-up text.

Can I set custom availability?

Multiple methods exist for communicating your availability to those you wish to invite. One way to do this is by sharing the link to your landing page, which displays all your active event types for selection. Another method involves sharing a specific event link that allows your invitees to book a particular event type directly. This can be found via the "Share" button on your event types page.

Additionally, you could incorporate availability slots straight into an email. This method lets you pick certain times and embed them into the email text. Alternatively, you have the option to integrate scheduling links directly into your website.

How do I share my Callendo link?

Your Callendo link can be disseminated through various channels such as your email signature, within the content of an email, a text message, a hyperlink on your website, your social media platforms, or any other communication method you use to engage with your invitees.

Can I set meeting reminders?

Sure you can! When you create an event you can set a reminder to send an email to the invitee and you can decide how long time it should be before.

How many calendars can I sync?

Unlimited! Yes, we don't set any limits on how many calendars you can sync in Callendo.

Can I try it for free?

Indeed! When you sign up you will get 7 days to try it for free! And if you don't wish to continue, you can just skip the upgrade. Perfect right?

We are using Callendo's scheduling app as a early access user and all I can say that our our meetings have increased by 200% since we started to use the scheduling app. ​

Peter Olsson
CEO - Revam


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